From John Beasley:

“Shooting on location is intense, hectic and demanding. But it does afford many moments of pure waiting….waiting for the next scene, take or re-shoot. For years, I have spent many of those waiting moments conceptualizing the idea of a unique theater in Omaha where theater production workshops are provided for aspiring actors to receive direction and training to develop their acting profession.

“My VISION is to create a venue (John Beasley Theater & Workshop) that will make the theater arts “come alive” for more people. People…men, women and children…who otherwise might never enjoy the magic of watching a live theater production. People who might never experience an on-stage or back-stage encounter with “the smell of greasepaint and the roar of a crowd”. People who might never peer through the entertaining looking glass of life embodied in a stage production. And last, but not least, people who might never believe that theater can reflect their unique cultural experience, indeed their very lives. My dream is to see that everyone in Omaha has access to these opportunities.

“This VISION is on its way to fulfillment. Dedicated volunteers have embraced it and are now helping to breathe life into it. I will continue to invest my resources, expertise and experience into it.”