Having A Successful First Date On A Budget

Courtship can be expensive, but most people feel it’s well worth the investment. However, rather than dipping into your emergency funds to pay for a date, you should make plans well within your budget. After all, if your relationship is ultimately based on expensive gifts and fancy restaurants, it probably won’t last very long.

Since the beginning of the recession, Americans become much more frugal about their spending habits. According to a recent survey conducted by CouponCabin.com, one area where numerous people have cut back financially is dating.

Nearly 26 percent of Americans admit to using a coupon on a first date this year, up from just 18 percent in 2022. Meanwhile, a similar share of respondents claimed they would have a positive reaction if their date used a coupon to save money.

Additionally, more than three-quarters of respondents said they would go on a second date with someone who used a coupon during the first. However, 12 percent said this would be a deal breaker and would not go out of a second date. Only 1 percent claimed they would walk out on the date if a coupon was used to pay for a meal or activity.

1. Affordable Ideas For An Impressive First Date
When it comes to a first date, first impression can be everything. This causes many people to go overboard and break the bank in the process only to learn that it wasn’t meant to be.

Rather than pay big bucks to go to a restaurant, consider taking your date on a picnic. It’s quite easy to pack an affordable lunch or dinner and fit it into a backpack. To extend the date, consider incorporating a bike ride to get to your destination. For a little ambiance, consider bringing candles, and, if you’re of the legal age, a bottle of wine.

2. Hit A Local Jazz Club
Going to a concert can be a great first date, but two tickets to a hot show can be expensive. Instead, go to a local jazz club for a drink and entertainment. even if you have to pay a cover fee it will likely be much more affordable than a concert ticket.

3. Put On Your Ice Skates
With colder weather approaching, the number of outdoor first date activity you can do may be limited. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t options.

If it drops below freezing in your area, a first date at an outdoor ice skating rink can be a cheap, but still very fun, first date. In addition, if your date doesn’t know how to ice skate, it can give you an opportunity to help the out and show that you care.

4. Check The Showtimes At Your Local Theater
Who needs to spend a considerable amount of money of Broadway tickets when you can go to a local community theater on a budget. Chances are these tickets will be much more affordable, and in some cases may be donation based.

Since this venue isn’t as formal as a professional theater, it will likely have a much more casual atmosphere that can give you a chance to get to know your date.

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